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Ajax / Java SEO

Our free seo analysis tool analyses the java content on your web pages which can be vital in terms of SEO. Follow these SEO suggestions when your creating SEO compliant java content on your website.

Test tag/type Error Recommendation Team to Fix
javascript link Link embedded in <script></script> tags Remove links form inside <SCRIPT> tags or provide a downlevel experience with hard-coded links in a <NOSCRIPT> tag or other method. Search engines can only consume content which is transmitted with the response object pre-page load time. This means that any content which changes on the page once it is loaded, initiated by the client, is not presented to search engines and will not therefore be considered as relevant Technical (on-page)
Ajax/Javascript Ajax or javascript is used on the site Search engines cannot read AJAX, because most search engines won't read most JavaScript. So when you implement AJAX or JavaScript, make sure to give search engines alternative methods of getting to the same content that is accessible via the AJAX form. . Where possible, render valuable content and links onto the page in plain html. In other words, include static HTML links to an HTML page with the same content. Use the <noscript> tag as you can see in the following example: <body> Call AJAX and JavaScript here <script type="text/javascript"> <!--document.write(”content")//--> </script> <noscript> <p>Same content as in JavaScript</p> </noscript> </body> The solution to creating AJAX that is SEO friendly is to ensure that you are building your site using Progressive Enhancement (HIJAX) and Unobtrusive JavaScript. URL issues that could lead to canonicalization and duplicate content issues can be avoided using methods like Hijax. In short, search engines are challenged by elements (Scripts, CSS, Objects,…) embedded in the HTML. Therefore, we need to present easier ways for them to read and index our content in case we are using any script which is hard to read. Technical (on-page)

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