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SEO Friendly Images

Our free seo analysis tool analyses the images on your web pages which can be vital in terms of SEO. Naming images for seo with target keywords is a good starting point. Follow these SEO suggestions when your creating SEO friendly images on your website.

Test tag/type Error Recommendation Team to Fix
Image attribute validation Image Alt attribute begins with CopyRight information rather than descriptive Keywords Ensure that <IMG> ALT content does not begin with "©" or "copyright". The ALT text content for an IMG tag is utilized by the crawler and visitors as supplementary information for the image file. In terms of accessibility and or end user with images disabled, keyword rich descriptions used in the ALT text provide more detail than copyright detail.   A "copyright" at the beginning of the ALT will improperly indicate to the search engines that the image is highly related to a copyright.  Recommend: keywords that are relevant to the image placed near the beginning of the ALT text which will be utilized by the search engines to better correlate the relevant keywords with the image. Make sure that your Alt tag is descriptive and reflects what the image represents. Editorial
Image attribute validation Image Alt attribute has no content or there is no image alt tag. Add ALT content to <IMG> tag. eg: <IMG SRC="pic.gif" ALT="accurate and descriptive keywords that represent the graphic">. A search engine crawler is able to interpret and evaluate only text and links. Crawlers are unable to interpret image files, so the ALT text enables the web author to provide relevant information to the crawlers and the end user. Alt text is helpful to end users if they have images disabled or if the image does not properly load. In addition, the Alt text is utilized by audio readers for the visually impaired. The Alt text provides a description of the image.  Recommend:  Make sure that your Alt tag  text is descriptive and accurately reflects what the image represents. Editorial
Image attribute validation IMG ALT text exceeds 150 characters Do not exceed more than 150 characters within the Image Alt attribute . Shorter IMG ALT tags mean more chance of that content being relevant for its keywords. Editorial

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